Kapikila Chama
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There are about 17,038 prisoners in Zambia who, upon release, have few opportunities available to them as ex-convicts. In Zambian prisons, there is often a lack of counseling or rehabilitation programs and a lack of any formal education or skills training. Due to the lack of resources available to them when incarcerated, not all prisoners can secure employment when they’re released, increasing the chances of them becoming repeat offenders. There also remains a tremendous social stigma against ex-convicts, which makes the reintegration process incredibly difficult.


In order to give ex-convicts the necessary skills, resources, and spiritual guidance they need to flourish in society, the CCAP Synod of Zambia has plans to construct the Kapikila Chama Training Center. The training center will be located on the synod office complex in Lusaka and teach skills training to female ex-convicts, such as tailoring, sewing, pottery, and other skills. The training center will have multiple classrooms, which will be used to accommodate both skills training as well as Christian counseling and spiritual guidance. The synod also plans on building a hostel for ex-convicts in order to make the skills training and counseling accessible to more people.


The concept to build the Kapikila Chama Training Center came from the story of an ex-convict named Kapikila Chama who became a devoted Christian and member of the CCAP church during his incarceration. During his time in prison, Mr. Chama yearned for forgiveness for his crime as well as spiritual guidance from a church. So he became a dedicated Christian, prepared to train as a pastor, and joined the CCAP before he died just a short time before his release date in 2003. The training center will be built in memory of Mr. Chama who believed that the trials he experienced brought him closer to God.


“[My imprisonment] has opened the way for me to receive God’s grace. I believe that I have come to Him with true sorrow and repentance…I fully accept my new association with CCAP, and I believe that the Lord has found me a new spiritual home.”


- Mr. Kapikila Chama


Status: The CCAP Synod of Zambia and the department coordinator, Willy Mtonga, is currently looking for support in order to fund the construction of the Kapikila Chama Training Center.




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