CCAP/Synod of Zambia is building a new Synod office complex on a 5 acre plot on the outskirts of Lusaka in an area called Chunga. The original offices in Lundazi along the Malawi border in eastern Zambia are not centrally located for church members, and they are not easily accessible to guests and partners.


The new complex will consist of two main sections: Chunga Farm and Office Compound. Chunga Farm includes the Synod manse for the General Secretary and his family. It also is the location of a chicken farm- a growing income generation project designed to provide financial income for the cash strapped Synod. And there is a large vegetable garden.


The Office Compound will contain the synod offices, a guest house, a multi-purpose meeting hall and Kapakila Chama Vocational Training Facility for former prisoners.


Ground has been broken for both the Synod Office building and the Vocational Training facility, and the foundation is in place for both. The Synod is engaged in creative local fund raising to move forward with the Synod Office building. Each church member has been asked to contribute 2 cement blocks to build the structure. A golf tournament fund raiser- with significant fund raising potential- is in the planning stages.








Site Plan for CCAP/Zambia Synod Offices Complex


To view the site plan of the CCAP/ Zambia Synod Office Complex, click on the link below.








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