We serve the members of CCAP Zambia churches by offering educational resources, training programs, and curriculum to promote Christian maturity and discipleship. We also serve people outside of the church, by offering outreach events to create new worshiping communities.


Our department is needed to help grow the church, in locations where there is no CCAP congregation, and to help deepen the faith of Christians, so that they can grow in the knowledge and love of God.


There are many people who have been nurtured in CCAP congregations and experienced the love of God in CCAP churches. Our department seeks to ensure that the church continues to grow, so that many lives can be touched by the love of God and the grace of Jesus Christ.


There was a woman who was a member of a CCAP church. She had to move to Lusaka and couldn't find a CCAP congregation in her community. Over time, a new CCAP prayer house was planted in her community. She joined the prayer house and was deeply blessed by the community there. After a year, her husband died. The women of her church cared for her, visited her, cooked food for her. When she had to go back to her village to bury her husband, the women of her CCAP congregation went with her to the village. When people in the village demanded that she walk on her knees (a traditional ritual that is very physically painful), the women of her congregation stood up for her, and said that she should not be required to do this. Her Christians friends declared that the woman is a Christian and did not have to endure the painful ritual. This woman was not alone; she was cared for because of the body of Christ. Our department seeks to ensure that there are churches for all people who seek to worship in the CCAP, and to be able to grow in, and live, the love of Christ.