Being in existence for 12 years now the number of community schools has increased. At present they have almost 30 schools i.e. in Southern, Lusaka, Copperbelt, Eastern and Northern Provinces. It serves mainly the Orphans and Vulnerable Children from Pre School and Grades 1 to 9. Most Orphans and Vulnerable Children cannot manage to pay fees or buy uniforms in Government Schools.  So as a Church we decided to help the Government to educate these children in our Community Schools regardless of their status. We accommodate all Children from different backgrounds despite their faith.  Some of them are HIV Positive and we encourage them to take their medicines and even provide food to them if we have.


The department is involved in the following:

• Teaching children from pre-school to grade 8

• Feeding children in some of the schools when we have food

• Morning devotions in some schools is done

• Schools have Strengthening Children Clubs

• Sports e.g. athletics, soccer and netball also take place in schools

• Helping children who are on ARVs with food and encourage them to be taking the medicine

• Counseling the children



The biggest challenge is lack of salaries to give the volunteer teachers

Many teacher are resigning because of no salaries

Lack of food to feed children

Lack of desks in most schools

Lack of flushing toilets

Lack of school classrooms



Teachers to be motivated every month

Have incoming generating activities e.g. multi purpose halls, tuck shops, printing of t-shirts and having tea parties

More workshops together with P.T.A. Committees

Have many trained teachers

Continue helping more orphans and vulnerable children

Helping youths in difference skills e.g. carpentry, tailoring etc.

Upgrade more schools

Build shops for renting

Build a car park

Purchase strong desks in schools

Send teachers to to teacher training colleges on bond so that when they finish training they would come back to Community Schools to work for a period of time



 STRENGTHENING CHILDREN'S CLUBSThis is a new approach for the children which Dr. Bob Bielke introduced. Since he is a child psychologist he wants to help the lay counselor to be helping the children who in most cases go through many difficulties. This club would be helping the children to over come the challenges in their lives.