In order to continue the church’s commitment to evangelism, Christian fellowship, and community support, each CCAP congregation has a Men’s Guild that is supported through the synod and the Men’s Guild Department. Each Men’s Guild congregational group consists of men ages 35 and above who come together weekly for guild meetings where they discuss problems facing the church and how best to support one another in their Christian faith. Men’s Guild groups encourage the men to become active members of the church, practice Christian fellowship, and use their talents and skills to solve problems they see in their communities.


The main activities conducted by the Men’s Guilds on the congregational level include weekly bible studies and guild meetings. The men in the church also provide community support to church members (particularly with funerals), financially support their pastors and their families, and evangelize to the community in order to bring more people to the church. The guilds also conduct Men’s Guild conferences where members of CCAP churches can discuss how best to help the church. Conferences focus on lessons in Christian leadership, how best to live as a Christian in your personal and professional life, as well as how to implement income generating activities in congregations. Currently, the CCAP Synod of Zambia has 1,794 active Men’s Guild congregational groups.


The Men’s Guild Department currently sponsors the secondary education of four vulnerable/orphaned children in Lundazi and hopes to continue supporting more students in the future. The department is also building three houses on a plot of land in Lundazi in Eastern province, which they hope to rent out to people in order to raise funds for the department’s activities. The department hopes to start other income generating activities as well that will expand their mission and support more congregation Men’s Guild groups.


“The Men’s Guild is important because it helps the men to learn about God, to come together, to love each other, and to spread the word of God to members of the community. In doing so, you are helping people see the beauty of the church.”


- Davison S.C. Makota, Men’s Guild Chairperson


Status: The CCAP Synod of Zambia is actively seeking financial assistance to support the Men’s Guild Department and its mission.




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