The goal for the Lay Training Department is to provide leadership training to CCAP church members, imparting them with the skills and knowledge to conduct mission work and evangelism responsibly. The department provides leadership training to deacons, elders, Sunday school teachers, and other church members who want to attain leadership positions in their congregations. Since 2007, there have been over 300 CCAP members who have been trained by the Lay Training Department. During the trainings, attendees learn about issues concerning Christian stewardship, evangelism, preaching, and how best to give back to their congregations effectively and conscientiously. Along with leadership training, the Lay Training Department has also given computer skill training to over 200 community members, helping them become more technologically literate and imparting them with computer skills that will help them at school or with their future careers.

The Lay Training Department also works in partnership with Theological Education by Extension in Zambia (TEEZ), which is an ecumenical program that provides theological based leadership training to church leaders and church members. TEEZ assists the Lay Training coordinator, Daniel Mutonga, in organizing leadership trainings at CCAP churches so that congregation members do not have to travel long distances in order to attend the trainings. TEEZ also tries to make the trainings “contextual because the students learn within their environment and context and can therefore apply what they are learning to their situation.” In the future, the department plans on organizing skills training for CCAP church members in order to teach skills such as sewing, tailoring, bricklaying, and carpentry. The department also plans on starting a women and youth empowerment program that would encourage these two demographics to strive toward leadership positions in the church. Ultimately, the Lay Training Department has provided meaningful leadership training to CCAP church members, empowering them to be active leaders in their congregations and stewards of the Christian faith in their communities.

Status: The Lay Training Department operates on a volunteer basis and receives no funding for administration or activities.


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