The CCAP Synod of Zambia is a dynamic church that has grown from 16 congregations in 1984 to 83 congregations and over 75,000 communicants. In order to continue the growth of the church and encourage people in their Christian faith, the CCAP Synod of Zambia founded the Evangelism Department in order to actively and strategically plant churches while nurturing people’s faith and church growth. The department first finds areas of Zambia where there are active CCAP members but no church or official meeting place. Department officials then reach out to the community, encouraging more people to become dedicated members of the church and, after establishing a presence in the community, the department begins building a church and a congregation. The department brings more people to the CCAP church in the process and helps choose leaders from the community to be deacons and elders.


The Evangelism Department has successfully planted churches in every province in Zambia with the most recent congregations being Kaoma, Solwezi, Mansa, Choma, and Mpika. The department has also strengthened congregations, such as Kabwe and Chililabombwe, by helping them become more effective in spreading the word of God. The department has also developed a Sunday school curriculum that will, in the future, be translated into 3 primary local languages: Chewa, Bemba, and Tumbuka. This Sunday school curriculum will make it easier to bring youth to the church as well as make Christian teachings more accessible to congregation members. Currently, the department is working to plant a church at Nakonde and researching where best to establish the next CCAP congregation.


Status: The Evangelism Department is actively seeking further funding to support the synod’s mission. The department currently receives funding through the Presbyterian Church of Australia and the Presbyterian Church (USA).
















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