Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a Christ-centered educational model that focuses on both the physical as well as the spiritual health of the community. The main goals of CHE is to equip communities with the knowledge and resources it needs to address health and spiritual problems. While focusing on the spiritual growth of the community, the CHE model addresses health issues such as disease prevention, basic hygiene practices, and food insecurity.


By using both a church-based and community-based models, the CCAP Synod of Zambia promotes good health practices as well as provides spiritual support through the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Department. The department, which was established in 2011, works to create sustainable change in CCAP communities through health education and spiritual nourishment. The department has four established CHE program sites (Nyimba, Petauke, Kabwe, and Lundazi) with trained volunteers who visit families in the community to determine their health status as well as encourage their theological understanding. The department is also developing other program sites at Emusa and Egickiken. The department conducts CHE trainings at the program sites in order to introduce the CHE model to trainees and help them introduce it to their communities. CHE is also incorporated into the curriculum at Chasefu Theological College in order to give the students the knowledge they need to implement the CHE model in their congregations. The CHE Department has ultimately helped CCAP congregations and communities understand important health topics as well as increased church membership where CHE trainees have worked.


“[CHE is important because] it teaches about evangelism as well as good hygiene practices. It challenges the community to be independent, acquire important knowledge, and develop using their own resources.”


- Rev. Lazarus Chilenje, CHE trainer and lecturer for the CHE course at Chasefu Theological College


Status: The CHE Department coordinator, John Kachali, is currently seeking partners to help establish more CHE program sites.







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